Utilization of EMDR in the Treatment of Attachment Issues

The role of early attachment disorganization in the genesis of complex and chronic trauma-related disturbances is well noted and has enabled clinicians to better understand dissociative disorders and attachment-based strategies for better dealing with clients suffering from these disorders.

Infants are wired to attach to the caregiver for safety. But if the caregiver is dangerous, then a split in the personality occurs, resulting in a disorganized attachment style. This results in consequences that need to be addressed in treatment:

  1. the multiplicity of non integrated representations of self and others
  2. the metacognitive or mentalization deficits, i.e., the hindrance to the ability to reflect on one’s own and other people’s mental states and
  3. the relational dilemmas implied in disorganization of attachment.

This workshop will address therapeutic strategies to address these three issues, and how the therapist can deal with the difficulties of a client with disorganized attachment. Further, the workshop will address how EMDR can be integrated within these treatment strategies to increase stabilization and coping resources, processing maladaptively stored memories pertaining to attachment issues (for example, moments of felt abandonment, betrayal by a care-giver, lack of soothing or comfort in the face of distress that result in fear, powerlessness, and negative sense of self).


Participants must have completed Weekend 1 training before undertaking this workshop.

Training Dates:

There are no scheduled training dates for Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation in 2015 or 2016.

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Tuition Fees

To be advised

Standard Refund Policy: A cancellation fee of $55.00 will apply for all cancellations post the early bird closing date. Cancellation within 6 weeks of the training will incur additional fees and cancellation within two weeks of the scheduled training will not be eligible to receive any refund. Payment may not be used for credit for a later training but bookings are transferable to another person.

Those also wishing to attend the Structural Dissociation or Grief and Loss training must make separate registration for each program. If you have already completed Structural Dissociation training, it is possible to register for the Master Class alone.

Future workshopa will be held at a venue to be advised.

A minimum of 9 participants is required for training to proceed.

About the instructor:
Roger Solomon, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who specializes in treatment of trauma and grief. He is on the Senior Faculty of the EMDR Institute and provides EMDR training internationally. At the present time, he is a consultant to NASA, the US Senate, South Carolina Department of Public Safety, and Polizia di Stato (Italy). He has also worked with are the FBI, the Secret Service, US Department of State Diplomatic Security, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, several national security agencies. Dr. Solomon has authored 33 articles and book chapters on topics of trauma, grief, stress, and EMDR.