Grief and Loss

Utilization of EMDR With Traumatic Bereavement

Traumatic bereavement is the state of having suffered the loss of a loved one when grief and Loss over the death is overpowered by the traumatic stress brought about by its circumstances. This clinically-oriented workshop focuses on integrating EMDR into the treatment of grief and loss in traumatic bereavement.

The workshop utilizes Therese Rando’s six “R” processes of loss and mourning as the framework for operationalizing what is necessary for healthy assimilation and accommodation of loss. Understanding these processes is important for the clinician to: assess the mourner’s progression through the loss and mourning processes; understand where the client might be “stuck” or “blocked;” and identify what to target with EMDR to enable successful progression through the loss and mourning processes.

In bereavement, trauma can disable the ability to cope, impair functioning, compromise the ability to adapt, and add significantly to the mourner’s distress. Trauma also complicates loss and mourning by interfering with the processes the mourner needs to go through for assimilation and accommodation of the loss. A loss can be so distressing that access to emotions requiring attention is prevented and/or memory networks containing positive memories of the loved one are blocked. With EMDR processing, not only can emotions be worked through, but memory networks can become accessible and capable of playing a vital role in accommodation of loss. Memories of the deceased are the building blocks of an adaptive inner representation; they serve as an essential bridge between the world with and the world without the loved one.

EMDR processing seems to allow the client to experience, express, and discharge the pain associated with the loss. This is necessary both to learn the reality of that loss and for the eventual adaptive shifting resulting from the linking in of other networks with positive, adaptive information (e.g., healthy accommodation).
Heavy emphasis is placed throughout the workshop on analysis of clinical material. Videotapes of EMDR sessions will be used to illustrate the application of EMDR to the grief and mourning of traumatic bereavement as well as to demonstrate the “art” of EMDR. Case presentations and live demonstrations are utilized.



The participant will learn how to integrate EMDR into the treatment of grief and loss


1) The participant will be able to define grief, loss, and traumatic bereavement
2) The participant will be able to delineate the six “R” processes necessary for the assimilation and accommodation of loss
3) The participant will be able to operationalize how EMDR facilitates an adaptive inner representation of the loved one, which is crucial for healthy loss and mourning
4) The participant will be able to discuss how trauma complicates the loss and mourning processes
5) The participant will be able to select EMDR targets that facilitate integration of the loss


Participants must have completed Weekend 1 training before undertaking this workshop.


Training Dates 2016

Phuket 2016:

Grief and Loss:
1 Nov 2016 (9.00 am - 3.00 pm, includes working lunch)

Tuition Fees

Phuket, 2016:

Grief and Loss: AUD $275 (Early Bird Fee) (inc GST). Normal fee AUD $330.
A discounted fee of AUD $165 applies if you are also attending the Master Class.
A fee of AUD $65 applies if you have attended 3 or more Master Clss trainings.
Early Bird registraton closes on 31 August 2016..

Refunds: A cancellation fee of $55.00 will apply for all cancellations post the early bird closing date. Cancellation within 6 weeks of the training will incur additional fees and cancellation within two weeks of the scheduled training will not be eligible to receive any refund. Payment may not be used for credit for a later training but bookings are transferable to another person.

Those also wishing to attend the Structural Dissociation training must make separate registration for each program. If you have already completed Structural Dissociation training, it is possible to register for the Master Class alone.

The 2016 workshop will be held at:

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort,
14 Kato Noi Road,
Karon Muang,
Phuket 83100 Thailand

Accommodation has been set aside for registrants and is accessible by clicking on this link:

NOTE: A minimum of 9 participants is required for training to proceed.