Refresher Course Details
In the twelve years that I have been an EMDR Institute trainer I have received many requests for a Refresher Course. These requests have in the main, come from three groups of practitioner. There are those practitioners who undertook an initial Level1/Part1 training (now called Weekend 1), and did not fully embrace the EMDR approach to psychotherapy in their work setting and may not have completed further training.
They were now in a position to consider using EMDR with their client base and wanted a practice oriented training that allowed for skill development before completing further training ( Weekend 2). Other practitioners who had fully embraced the EMDR approach to psychotheraqpy had approached me concerned about slippage issues, that some how they had varied from the taught protocols and procedures and wanted to review their own practice.
There were also requests from those who had completed the Basic Training and used EMDR extensively but wished to be brought up to current practices as they understood that EMDR was an evolving approach to treating psychopathology.
It is with this information in mind that the Refresher Course was developed. Since all categories wanted skill enhancement, it was decided that if we were to treat that issue seriously then the Refresher Course needed to to a a three day training.

The Refresher Course does not replace a Weekend 1 training nor should it be attempted by practitioners who have not previously attended an EMDR training.

The Refresher Course places great emphasis on the information and skills required to actually use the method of EMDR. In the Refresher Course we go back to basics. We use the latest Weekend 1 EMDR training manual which now comprises of 227 pages and brings the reader up to speed with the latest terminology and practices, including a glossary of EMDR terms.

Course Content includes:
  • Knowledge of the Adaptive Information Processing Model
  • Three Pronged Approach
  • Case Conceptualisation and Treatment Planning.
  • Basic 8 Phase Protocol
    • History Taking
    • Preparation
    • Assessment
    • Desensitisation
    • Installation
    • Body Scan
    • Closure
    • Re evaluation
  • Safe Place Protocol
  • Float Back / Affect Scan

Some time has been set aside to meet the specific needs of each training e.g. additional time for developing negative/positive cognitions; opportunities to discuss individual difficulties in going forward with EMDR etc. It is also planned to provide in vivo demonstrations of the use of EMDR.

The Refresher Course places a large emphasis on participants actually developing their practical skills and confidence in using EMDR.
The afternoon of each day has been set aside for practicums in which participants are given guided instruction in implementing the EMDR method. Each participant must be prepared to work on a minor personal issue and take the role of both therapist and client in the practicums.

Participants are encouraged to read Dr Shapiro's "Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing : Basic Principles,Protocols and Procedures" Guildford Press, NY, 2nd edition. 2001
The Refresher Course is held over three consecutive days. Refer to the "Up Coming Training Dates" on the home page for actual dates.

Daily scheduling is as follows:

*9.00am - 12.30pm Lectures/Discussion/Demonstration
12.30pm - 1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm - 4.00pm Practicum

*Note registration an the first day is between 8.30 am - 9.00 am.

Early bird $700 plus GST ($770 total)
Standard $750 plus GST ($825 total)
*Earlybird cut-off date is 4 weeks prior to start of course.
These fees apply from 25 Apr 2010.

Fees include morning and afternoon tea, workshop manual and handouts.
( Lunch will be at participants own expense.)
Refund Policy: Refunds involve a $50 plus GST ($55) cancellation fee.
Definitely no refunds within 7 days of the course.
Payment may not be used for a credit for a later training but bookings are transferable.